Capital Smart City Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is a residential plus commercial project in Capital Smart City ISB. There’s shopping malls, cinemas, hotels, and a floating village that adds to the beauty of this place. This place is irresistible. There’s magnificent lights and a majestic dancing fountain. You will drown in the beauty of this place. You might literally drown too in the floating village so you have to be very careful. A walk by the alluring lake will take away all the stress and pressure from the day’s work. You can sit by the lake and witness one of the greatest sunsets in the world. Sun rises are also equally beautiful but no one’s usually up at that time.

China Village

The word village might make you think about villages that remind one of history. That’s not the case with this one. This is nothing like those mud houses or straw roofs. There’s apartments and offices for to live and to earn a living. There’s music that keeps the place peaceful. The shopping malls keep one close to the world’s trends. It’s not like you’re moving away from the world. The city walk will keep you refreshed and energetic everyday. The hospitals there will keep you healthy and the food will simply be amazing

Hills Vista

This is a residential activity with state-of-the-art facilities. There’s residential plots(obviously) as well as villas for those who want one. The community club houses another set of activities. The golf club is not any 18 hole golf course but there’s also a club house and there’s also golf farmhouses. If you don’t know golf and still want to play, there’s a trainer in the academy for that too! This is the perfect place for golfers with excellent food and exquisite beverages.

Overseas Block

Capital Smart City Islamabad provides state of the art residential plots for families, couples and even individuals who want to settle down. The overseas block has been constructed to suit the needs of people who want to feel wholesome and settled. This block features residential plots as well as constructed villas for your ease. Promising nothing but sheer hospitality, this block consists of healthcare, education, religious, as well leisure facilities. Keeping in mind the basic necessities of a household, we have ensured the Overseas block is your ultimate goal if you have a family or are in the direction of starting one.


Financial Square

This is the place that can get your business up and running or help it grow if you invest your money here. Corporate offices will keep the bankers happy as well as the businessmen. The banks can house the money and keep it safe while the offices will house the workers who will work day and night to take things at a higher level. Not only this, there’s health care also for you and your employees and five star hotels for an exquisite culinary experience. There’s also residential apartments and commercial halls if you want to arrange a seminar or a talk.

FDH Building

Smart City has a number of facilities for all those who are seeking royal treatment. Offering premium hospitality services with food, beverages and comfort assured, the society succeeds all other hospitality inns of the country. The FDH buildings in the society have sales galleries for all those people who are interested. The buildings have a completely managed and organized system for buying and caring for the facility. You will be accompanied by one of our highly trained representative who will ensure you get the best deal you have been looking for. Overall, this society is good for your lifestyle and your business.

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